Introducing my BeagleBone Black

ImmagineDo you know her? No?! It’s a BeagleBone Black!

Today I’m here to introduce you to my little loved BeagleBone Black, the 45$ ARM PC which carries a whopping 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8, 512MB of DDR3L RAM and 2GB of eMMC (onboard flash storage) and features 65 GPIOs, many SPI, I2C, UART lanes, an Ethernet PHY, μHDMI output and *just* one USB host port.

As you can guess, it’s a very powerful Altoids-can-sized (or credit-card-sized if you prefer) board which can boot a custom Linux 3.8 kernel; that means you can run Ubuntu, Android, Arch or any Linux distro you may prefer.

The developers decided to ship this little guy loaded with Linux Angstrom, a distro tailored to embedded computing. Oooh… Angstrom! The first thing I did after failing to get something working on this distro, was flashing Ubuntu to the eMMC. And I do not regret. Ubuntu just runs much better and is much more lightweight, so much that it just needs 50MB of RAM to run the basic services.

So, this is the first of the many incoming articles about my BeagleBone Black (one of which is already in the works), which I hope will help someone in need of an enlightenment.

Bye bye! 😀


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