When HDDs die out

Lately my older brother has been having problems with his Asus laptop which made him go mad about the Hard Disk. It’s the second time this laptop has had issues with the HDD: last time we had to get a new disk because the one which left us had too many bad sectors. Awww, bad sectors!

As far as UltimateBootCD tests can tell it’s – again – all about bad sectors: this time even Linux could not help us because the NTFS got inconsistent! It’s not usual having to swap disks every 2 years or so because they all get too bad, so it’s either a not-so-well-engineered-computer or just user fault. Hopefully that Asus laptop is about to get thrown in the garbage as a new one replaces it – so it will not harm any other HDD.

Just for the sake of fun today I took out from dust the old failed drive and hooked it up to my old Fujitsu Lifebook which surprisingly already sports a SATA port. It’s 320GB of pure Seagate bytes! When I booted the laptop, it started Windows7 and eventually it BSODed all the way. Then I booted the GParted Live CD and despite discovering that half of the HDD was unpartitioned space, I purged the partition table and went over to install Linux Mint 13 (I like the Pangolin). As I’ve just finished the installation, I can’t tell if it will work and for how long.

Well, now hope is my best friend D:


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