Life has an end

Yesterday I went home from my holiday 900kms away and I discovered a not so good thing…

My 7-year-old main PC was dead!

It would not turn on at the press of its round and beautiful Dell-made power button, it just stayed there while I stared at it waiting for a reply. It’s bad news for me because since I had two drives in RAID0, I can’t recover my data (thankfully I also have a standalone drive which holds most of my data), but still it’s good news because now I can finally build the new computer I have been dreaming of in the last two years.

My main PC was a Dell Precision Workstation 370, mounting a 3.2GHz Pentium4 540 with HT and Quadro GPUs – three of them: FX3700, FX3400 and FX570, because of overheating the former two failed (but then I cooked ’em and they worked both, another story). It has served me for 7 years without ever leaving me.

At the moment I’m on my Linux laptop (BTW at least 5 years old) and I’ll post news if I get to buy the new PC I planned, if my parents allow me.

BB (Bye Bye or BeagleBone)



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