Tiva C Launchpad SLIP + LCD web browsing – Part 1

This project for the Tiva C Launchpad has been floating in my mind in the last days, and here I am resuming my thoughts before starting.

Everything started from this Hackaday post, when I read about internet over serial and slow modems, reviving in me the charm of such vintage communication modes. I first thought of trying to load the retro Hackaday page on the below setup, though then i realized I could even load the full site, yet needing to write an HTML parser…

What I need is:

  • Tiva C Launchpad
  • Linux box + usbserial

What I’m gonna do is:

  • First of all, I need to setup the Linux box to share my internet connection from eth0 to a SLIP interface created with slattach (I may use an interface bridge)
  • Then I need to implement the simple SLIP protocol (RFC1055) and test the connection
  • After that is done, being able to draw on the LCD screen is the first big thing
  • Eventually, writing a (simple) TCP/IP stack and the HTML parser will be the hardest parts

Problems I may encounter:

  • The only issue I think I may run into is running out of RAM when loading the full site with images and everything (I’ll probably optimize loading of scripts and CSS by simply ignoring them, but that would defeat the purpose of loading the “full” site)


That’s it for now, when I progress I’ll tell ya everything.



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