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Just a little note before tomorrow

Well, yes. Tomorrow school reboots. It’s time for a bootstrap! (got it? :D)

And I have some news for you readers.

  • First thing first, I am not worried of starting school, since tomorrow I will be attending the 4th year of an IT High School and I will learn new many interesting things (i. e. Java) that I was too lazy to learn by myself.
  • I recently bought for 20€ a 50W mini soldering station with a simple power dial, which is a clone of the Velleman VTSS5. But hey! I upgraded from a 5€ – questionable 30W – shitty one! I’m sooo excited! It is pretty solid, at first it seemed it wasn’t heating up properly, but it’s just how the station works. AND IT HAS CHANGEABLE BITS! lol
  • Lately I have been tinkering with an ATmega328P trying to figure out how to calibrate the internal RC oscillator to no avail. Maybe I’ll just leave it blinking an LED…
  • Did you know that Parallel ports are FUCKING AWESOME?!?!
  • What about Cereal ports? (pun intended) lol

I started this blog with the intention to write something useful to others… Well if you haven’t seen any useful post (I didn’t too) please wait, they are coming.

$ sudo shutdown -h now "Bye Bye"
[sudo] password for laxis96: 
The system is going down for halt NOW!
Bye Bye

Grand Opening Today!

Well, here I am.

I have been making sites over sites for the last few years (it’s worth noting that none of them has ever had success), and now I think it’s time to turn page and write up some well-organized things.

I decided to finally put up a blog and write about my tech life simply because I’m all about computers and electronics. I could tell many facts about me, but it’s not worth it at the moment; you’ll learn about me by reading my posts.

Welcome and have a good read!